Contribution & Fee

Type of Membership / code




Honorary Membership (M001)

10000 / 200

Valid for 5 Years


*If you are invited from IEG to join as an honorary member than there is no financial contribution needed.

Executive Member (Individual) (M002)

  5000 / 100

Valid for 4 Years

Student Member (Individual) (M003)

  2000 /  50

Valid for 4 years

University / Institute Membership (M004)

25000 / 500

Valid for 4 Years

*If any institute is having minimum 50 student members and 1 executive member than institute need not to contribute any fee.


**There is no contribution needed for Govt. Universities who promote IEG among affiliating institutes.

About Us

We are pleased to inform you that we are going to introduce “Innovative Engineers Group (IEG)”. Aim of this platform is to serve for budding innovators in the field of engineering and technology. We invite you to join us as Member of IEG.


Association of all the engineers and professionals who can contribute their innovative ideas to scientific community of India can boost the process of technology development. Our mission is to gather all that innovators at one platform.

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